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tibi light
Fine Gardening and Design


Beautiful, functional, and earth-healthy gardens

       “A garden or landscape is made up of many unique relationships between people, plants, animals, to the most microscopic and ethereal creatures, as well as, soil, neighborhood lifestyles, and weather. The challenge of finding a balanced place of beauty for you and all beings, within this complex web is my great pleasure.”
Tibi Light offers Fine Gardening and Design expertise (in the Madison, WI area) to create or enhance gardens and environments using principles of effective garden design, environmentally aware practices, and a sensitivity to you and your space, resulting in the creation of gardens to meet the needs, goals and desires of the users of the gardens. Tibi can help make a yard or garden a vibrant and exciting space or a peaceful, restful and resonate area where you and your friends are drawn to spend time. Please visit the Portfolio page as well as a description of Services.

           Phone (608) 233-3171 • light@chorus.netwww.tibilightgardens.com